Polar FT60 Review: Don't buy this heart rate monitor before you read this

Published: 28th February 2011
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Those who buy the

">Polar FT60
are huge goal setters that enjoy sound structure. It is the most intelligent and motivating way to improve your training. Maintaining the right intensity when you work out is really important so you don’t burn out too quickly -or- work out too mildly to get no results at all. After completing a fitness test, it will completely map out an entire fitness routine for you and your workouts.


Training Program

The nicest part about the Polar FT60 is that it comes with a Polar Star personal training program. It’ll adapt to your work out habits and set weekly targets for you. You’ll constantly know where you stand with its continuous feedback without being too strict. Should you be above or below your zone, the Polar FT60 will sound an alarm to have you return to your desired intensity.


The screen is pleasant and intuitive to work with. You have to be able to see clearly where you stand with your workout WHILE you’re working out and the FT60 excels in that area. It also understands the importance of being able to switch between screens easily so you can get a better picture of your data.

Compatibility with accessories

This model of Polar’s heart rate monitor is compatible with the S1 Foot Pod to track your pace (separate to purchase) and also compatible with the G1 GPS Sensor to help you in non-running activities like cycling or hiking.


Its sleek design will even have you wearing it well after you complete your training for the day!


Red Backlight vs White Backlight

Careful if you decide to get the Polar FT60 with the red backlight. It may be more difficult to see your information unless you’re in the right lighting. Get the one with the white backlight instead.

Some of the Polar FT60’s premier features:

OwnZone – The goal of OwnZone is to set your upper and lower limits for your heart rate before you engage in your routine. These limits will be determined by your warm-up and compared to your previous work out to see if adjustments are needed. If it’s your first work out with it, it will use your warm-up and your age to determine the best zone.

ZonePointer – You’ll have both an audible and visual indicator showing you where you current heart rate is and whether it is within your current zone or not.

ZoneLock – This nifty feature will allow you to lock in a zone WHILE you’re in the middle of your work out.

OwnCal – Burning calories may be a priority for you. The Polar FT60 will show you how many you’ve burned in a single session as well over your previous sessions as well to determine how on track you are. You can set daily and weekly goals.

OwnCode – Your monitor needs to be able to communicate with your chest strap with no interference. The Polar FT60 has its "OwnCode" so that you won’t be picking up signals from others who are using a heart rate monitor around you.

Basic features:

• Comes with Chest Strap

• Polar FlowLink connection to transfer data to PC and Polar’s website

• Maximum/Average heart rate

• Time in target zone

• Visual and audible alarms for target zones

• Calorie expenditure tracking

• Compatible with S1 Foot Pod and G1 GPS Sensor

• Time, date, and alarm

• Water resistant up to 30 meters

• Choose among 7 different languages


• 2 Years

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